• Budget Forecast

    Each spring (Compliance with Fiscal Rules Report) and autumn (Annual Public Finance Report), the Fiscal Advisory Council publishes its forecast for the general government budget for the current and the upcoming year. The projection of general government revenue and expenditure and the public debt level makes it possible to monitor Austria’s fiscal performance in a timely manner and to assess compliance with EU fiscal rules. The Fiscal Advisory Council’s budget forecast also serves to check the plausibility of Austria’s stability programs and draft budgetary plans.

  • Fiscal Rules Compliance Report

    The Fiscal Advisory Council monitors the compliance of governments – central government, regional governments, local governments, social security funds – with the national fiscal rules. In its capacity as a fiscal watchdog, the Fiscal Advisory Council provides regular information twice a year about Austria’s current and projected compliance with the EU’s fiscal rule framework (Maastricht deficit, structural Maastricht deficit, spending rule, debt rule) – in the form of the Fiscal Rules Compliance Report in May, in the form of the Annual Report in December.

  • Annual Report

    In its annual Public Finance Report, the Fiscal Advisory Council provides information about Austria’s deficit and debt performance and the sustainability of its debt management. This assessment extends to the role of the regional and local governments. The annual report is submitted to Austria’s finance minister and parliament and is discussed by the Parliamentary Budget Committee. Since 2016, the Fiscal Advisory Council’s autumn budget forecast will be published in the December's annual report.

  • Recommendations and Statements

    At least twice a year (in July and in December), the Fiscal Advisory Council submits its assessment of Austria’s fiscal and macroeconomic performance, together with fiscal policy recommendations for the central, regional and local government authorities, to Austria’s finance minister and parliament, where they are discussed by the Parliamentary Budget Committee. Assessments of special fiscal topics are published in the form of press releases.

  • Staff Papers

    The Fiscal Advisory Council commissions Secretariat staff members to write studies on fiscal policy issues relevant to economic policy making.