The Office’s tasks comprise drawing up studies and fiscal policy analyses (including forecasts) on behalf of/commissioned by the Council, drafting reports and recommendations and compiling and preparing data. Moreover, the Office takes care of administrative matters, e.g. organizing Council meetings, public workshops and press conferences.

Office of the Austrian Fiscal Advisory Council
c/o Oesterreichische Nationalbank

Otto-Wagner-Platz 3

1090 Vienna, Austria

Phone: (+43-1) 404 20-7473

Bernhard Grossmann

Head of Office
EU Economic Governance, Fiscal Rules, Fiscal Federalism

Alena Bachleitner

Microsimulation, Policy Costing

Johannes Holler

Senior Economist
Fiscal Forecast, Government Expenditure, Sustainability of Public Finances, Government Debt and Public Debt Management

Susanne Maidorn

Senior Economist
Microsimulation, Policy Costing, Potential Output

Philip Schuster

Senior Economist
Fiscal Forecast, Taxes, Sustainability of Public Finances, CGE Modelling

Silvia Pop

Administrative Affairs and Research Assistance