Strategies to foster Fiscal Discipline and Economic Growth

“Die Meinung der Vortragenden gibt nicht notwendigerweise die Meinung des Fiskalrates wieder.”




Session 1: How effective is Fiscal Policy for stimulating Economic Growth?

Fiscal policy in a depressed economy
Christian Kastrop, Organisation for Economic Development

Boosting medium-term growth: what can fiscal policy do?
Xavier Debrun, International Monetary Fund

Sebastian Gechert, Macroeconomic Policy Institute

Christophe Kamps, European Central Bank

Session 2: Fiscal Rules and Public Investment

UK Reflections on the Golden Rule
Andy King, Office for Budget Responsibility, United Kingdom

Growth, Investment and the Golden Rule
Francesco Saraceno

Fabrizio Balassone, Banca d´Italia

Zsolt Darvas, Bruegel