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Statistical Annex

Statistical Data of Austria

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General Government

Table Federal Government Debt

Table Federal Debt Servicing Costs

Table Federal Budget

Table Public Tax Revenues of Federal Government

Table Fiscal Indicators (Maastricht Definition) – EDP Notification Data

Table Fiscal Indicators (Maastricht Definition) – Updates

Interest Rates

Table ECB Interest Rates on the Deposit Facility and the Marginal Lending Facility

Table Eurosystem Main Refinancing Operations

Table Base and Reference Rates of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank

Table Austrian Bond Yields

Bond Market

Table Debt Securities of Austrian Issuers – Total

Economic Developments

Table Selected Economic Measures

International Statistical Data

General Government

Table Budget Balances

Table Government Debt Ratios

Interest Rates

Table Key Interest Rates

Table Euro Area Money Market Interest Rates

Table Three-Month Interest Rates

Table Long-Term Government Bond Yields