Working Documents

Budgetary Outlook 2020 and 2021 – A quick assessment of the Office of the Austrian Fiscal Advisory Council
Press information (EN)
Presentation (DE)

Fiscal Policy Dimension of Carbon Emission Targets and Policy Options for Austria
August 2020 DE

First assessment of the budgetary impact of the COVID-19 measures currently adopted by Parliament, including the recovery plan
July 2020 DE

Sustainability Reports of International Independent Fiscal Institutions in Comparison
Juni 2020 DE

Update: Assessment of budgetary effects of COVID-19 pandemic in Austria
April 2020 EN

First assessment of budgetary effects of COVID-19 pandemic in Austria
March 2020 DE

Estimation of budgetary impact based on National Council decision´s of 2nd and 3rd July and 19th September 2019
October 2019 DE

A first assessment of the budgetary effects of the tax reform 2019/20 and its counterfinancing measures
May 2019 DE​​​​​​​

Fiscal compact fully implemented in Austria according to European Commission
March 2017 DE

Fiscal equalization scheme 2017 to 2021: many changes but no substantial regime shift
November 2016 DE

Summary of Fiscal Advisory Council workshop on fiscal rules for provinces and municipalities in Austria: possibilities and limitations
April 2016 DE

The Austrian banking support program and its implications for public finances
January 2016 DE

Implementation of the correction mechanism to secure the Austrian MTO
September 2015 DE

Impact of the 2015/2016 tax reform– status quo
July 2015 DE

Summary of the Fiscal Advisory Council workshop on federalism reform in Austria: tax autonomy as a core element?
March 2015 DE

Transmission channels of country ratings and the impact of Austria´s recent downgrade to AA+ by Fitch
March 2015 DE