Staff Papers

The Fiscal Advisory Council commissions secretariat staff members to write studies on fiscal policy issues relevant to economic policy making.

The full version is only available in German or in English.

The microsimulation model of the office of the Fiscal Advisory Council (FISKSIM):
interaction effects of selected transfers in Austria – Executive Summary

Bachleitner, Maidorn – October 2019 EN

Fiscal multipliers in Austria
Holler, Schuster – October 2019 DE EN

Fiscal multipliers in a small open economy: the case of Austria
Čapek, Crespo Cuaresma, Holler, Schuster – Oktober 2019 EN

On fiscal multipliers in New Keynesian small open economy models
Schuster – October 2019 EN

Long-run fiscal consequences of refugee migration – The case of Austria
Holler, Schuster – December 2018 EN

Evaluation of economic forecasts for Austria for the years 2005 to 2017 
Schuster – October 2018 EN

Fiscal forecasting performance of the Austrian Fiscal Advisory Council
Hauth, Holler, Schuster – August 2018 DE EN

Subsidies in Austria: Definitions, spending levels and suggestions for improving efficiency
Grossmann – August 2018 DE EN

Forecasting the term-structure of euro area swap rates and Austrian yields based on a dynamic Nelson-Siegel approach
Holler, Nebenführ, Radek – September 2018 EN

What drives forecast errors and ex-post-revisions of structural balances in the euro area?
Maidorn, Reiss – November 2017 EN

Growth projections for public spending on long-term care exceed agreed cost containment targets
Grossmann, Schuster – July 2017 DE EN

Variable rate debt to insure the government budget against macroeconomic shocks
Fenz, Holler – June 2017 EN

Long-run fiscal consequences of refugee migration for Austria 2015 to 2019
Holler, Schuster – October 2016 DE

Complexity of EU fiscal rule framework and its potential application to governmental subsectors in Austria
Grossmann, Hauth, Maidorn – Juni 2016 DE

Government Guarantees for Nonpublic Entities in Austria – How Effective Are the New Guarantee Ceilings in Limiting Guarantee Risk? 
Hauth, Grossmann – May 2013 DE EN

Spin-offs of Austrian municipalities: extent, range of services and risk potentials (results as of the end of 2010) 
Hauth, Grossmann – April 2012 DE EN

Budgetary development of Austrian provinces in 2009 and outlook
Hauth, Grossmann – March 2011 DE

The Mandate and Functions of the OeNB: Providing Assistance for the Government Debt Committee 
Grossmann – Lecture at the Joint Vienna Institute - January 2011 EN

Infrastructure investments in Austria: economic relevance, investment volumes, and the role of the public sector
Hauth, Grossmann – May 2010 DE EN

Risk management for Austrian municipalities
Hauth, Grossmann – April 2009 DE

Rules and applications of the Austrian provinces´ budget framework: a critical analysis
Hauth – March 2009 DE

Structure sustainability and management of Austria´s public debt
Grossmann, Hauth, Wimmer – March 2008 DE

The Importance of Lease Financing for Austrian Municipalities
Grossmann – Monetary Policy and the Economy Q1/08 DE EN

Administration reform and pension reform of the public sector and financing the health care sector – press information
Hauth, Grossmann – September 2007 DE

Fiscal policy of the Austrian provinces in the light of Maastricht rules
Grossmann, Hauth – March 2006 DE

The Swiss Debt Brake: An Implementation Proposal for Austria
Brandner, Frisch, Grossmann, Hauth – Austrian Economic Chambers, Wirtschaftspolitische Blätter, Paper No. 1/2006, Vienna EN

Public employment dynamics in Austria
Grossmann, Hauth – July 2005 DE

An Austrian debt break
Brandner, Frisch, Grossmann, Hauth – February 2005 DE

Fiscal Spending Rules in Europe
Grossmann, Hauth – Monetary Policy and the Economy Q4/05 EN

Administrative reform: saving requirements and potential
Frisch, Hauth – August 2002 DE

Austrian public debt management reflects the conditions of euro area financial markets
Hauth, Kocher – March 2002 DE

The Government Debt Committee and its Recommendations in the 1990s
Lehner – 2002 EN

Austria´s Sovereign Debt-Management against the Background of Euro Area Financial Markets
Hauth, Kocher – Focus on Austria 2/2001 EN

Foreign currency denominated federal debt / the role of the Austrian Postal Savings Bank (role of the Government Debt Committee) in Austria´s public debt management
Brandner, Hauth – P.S.K., Schriftenreihe Volkswirtschaft, Heft 13, 1996 DE